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Chloe Drook

I excel at customer service in person, on the phone, and via email. I’ve been responsible for representing our company with corporate guests, resolving conflicts to turn unhappy customers into happy ones, and ensuring my teams follow company policy.

I am also an artistic person with professional training and a passion for growing my creative skills. Aspiring to become a tattoo artist I will continue to grow my artistic talents.


Come check out my comics page!

Visit my Instagram @deputyfrog to see some cute characters


A.A. Art and Design

Utah Valley University

Graduated with a 3.6 GPA, having completed all general university credits, as well as taking the extra coursework to complete the Art and Design degree.


Hale Centre Theatre, Sandy

Patron Services Agent

Worked in the Box Office assisting  guests and season ticket holders over the phone and in person to purchase, adjust, and plan their experience at the theater.


Evermore Park, Pleasant Grove  Operations Admin

Organized events and gave prospective companies and guests tours around the park. Answered all guest emails and escalated issues throughout the entire week, and led a team of ten to fifteen employees. Handled all money bags across the park and locked up at night.

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